Yesterday was our AMWA-New England chapter’s Winter Roundtable Brunch at the Hilton Garden Inn in Waltham, MA.

It was a beautiful winter day here – chilly, but bright and sunny with a clear blue sky. Perfect driving weather for those who made the trek from the opposite ends of New England.

I was privileged to be hosting a roundtable discussion on “Blogging for Medical Writers”. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the local chapter meetings that I’ve been to, but this one was especially fun, what with the “on that note” digressions that some of our discussions took! But, what happens in AMWA-NE, stays in AMWA-NE, so you’ll just have to use your imagination as to where our conversations were diverted!

There were 7 of us at our table, and the 2 hours just flew by. Thank you so much to the wonderful medical writers in our group for making it such a wonderful, productive, and interactive discussion.

Thanks also to AMWA-NE for organizing the event, and to the Hilton Garden Inn for not only hosting us, but more importantly, keeping us fed and watered!

I put together some notes from our discussion – so if you’ve never tried blogging before, but are think of doing so, they might be of some help to you as you get started. Please let me know if you are a medical writer with an active blog – I’ll add your URL to the list! And similarly if you happen to come across any other active medical writer blogs, I’ll be happy to add those too.

I’m already looking forward to our next local chapter gathering next month!



  1. I always learn so much at the AMWA-NE February RoundTables. And this year was no exception. Roundtables are a great way to learn not only from the leader, but also from the participants. Along with eating good food and meeting new people! I went home and immediately improved my own blogs. Thank you.

    • Cheryl, I agree – it was such a great discussion. And it was so wonderful to meet you – can’t wait to catch up again sometime soon! Thank you for being part of our group!


  1. […] been asked to host one of the roundtables again – the same one as I presented at last year’s winter brunch meeting, on “Blogging for Medical Writers”. I’d also hosted the roundtable at the […]