Although most kittens learn to use a litter box courtesy of their mother, some may need a helping hand from a new owner – especially those who may have been abandoned or orphaned.

Here are some tips in an article that I wrote for The Pet Store Online.

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  1. I’ve only owned one cat and she got nabbed by a coyote so I didn’t have the heart to replace her. I live in coyote country. Just last week, a woman was knocked down by one while walking her Yorkie and the dog was carried off. I prefer an 80-pound lab. But when I had my cat, these would have been great tips.

    Gee, I hope this didn’t sound too depressing!

    • LOL! Jacqui, I’m laughing at your final statement! But no, not too depressing – although sad stories, for sure. Your poor old kitty, and that poor little Yorkie – how terrible. I’d prefer an 80lb lab too though – I just have a crazy cat (she may be heading toward 80lbs though….). She’s an indoor cat, so no coyotes for her, thankfully.