“Science Careers”, from the Journal Science published this great article today – it’s a content collection comprising links to their best resources on careers in science writing. They all make for interesting reads in general for anyone in the medical communications field, but they’re especially valuable for anyone thinking about transitioning into medical writing.




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  1. I love science, and at one point even considered scientific writing, but it truly requires an extensive science background–like you have. Mine is economics and Russian (long story). And and MBA. I’m an armchair scientist. When I read good science writers, they bring so much knowledge to their articles, the story comes alive.

    • There’s definitely a huge market for non-scientific science writers though – I know some fabulous medical writers who have zero scientific background. If you can speak Russian, you can speak medical! So don’t necessarily ignore the possibility! Not that you have any additional time to add something extra to your impressive list of things that you already do.


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