Time for Step 3 of the “Beginner’s Medical Writing” series – a step-by-step guide to getting yourself started in freelance medical writing – an extremely basic guide for making the first move into medical writing.  

If you’re just arriving, feel free to check out the earlier steps:

So, where are we up to now? Hopefully by now you have a blog or some kind of website “out there”. And I haven’t forgotten that I left you with some assignments to get you started with writing for your blog.

If you haven’t yet posted them to your blog, then go ahead and do so – this is the start of your showcase, so the sooner they are up and running, the better. As for the next step – it’s time to link up with some other folk in your field.  Gathering a new social circle can be a wonderful way to help propel your new business.



Does the very thought of being involved in social media leave you kicking & screaming? If so, you have a big decision to make. On the one hand, if you are social media-phobic, then it might be a waste of your time setting up accounts for your business – there’s no point pretending you’re going to give it a go, if you already know you’ll never use any of them. On the other hand, however, this is 2011 & like it or not, social media is now part of our online business DNA.

So before you dig in your heels & declare your business a failure when it’s just getting started, I’d urge you to give it just a little thought. These days, many small businesses are successfully using Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn (amongst others) to promote their services. So it is absolutely in your best interests to at least consider using one of them. Decide which of the social media sites might appeal to you most – take your pick based either on which will be a better choice for your type of freelance business, or which of the networks you are most likely to actually feel content about using.


Some benefits of social networking to help persuade you in the right direction:

  • Improves marketing of your services
  • Allows business networking with others in your niche
  • Increases visibility of your business
  • Drives traffic to your website/blog
  • Builds credibility for your services
  • Provides a simple method of enabling feedback on your services
  • A great way to gain moral support


Just One?

If you are looking to maybe just take on one of the social networks, I’d advise using LinkedIn – this will at least expose your business to the world (including potential employers) and is probably the one that requires the least maintenance once you’ve set it up appropriately. So this might be the choice for you if you absolutely know that the Facebook, Twitter, or other universes are simply not where you want to place your energy.

I use 2 networks for my business, so feel free to link up with me at any of them:


There are also direct links to my LinkedIn and Twitter profiles at the top right of the screen.

Whilst the situation will be different for different individuals, I have to say that I tried a business Facebook site, and this has been the least useful for my business purposes – although LinkedIn & Twitter have proven to be great ways to network and for me to be found.

So go ahead & explore some of the social networking options for yourself, & see which you might be interested in trying out. Your assignment today is to set up at least one social networking profile and link it up with your business site online.

Which of the social networks have you used, and which has been most useful for your business?


  1. I also find my social networks are a great place to bounce ideas off (of). Based on their feedback, I changed the way I was updating my tech curriculum. Quite helpful.

    Great info you’ve shared.

    • Thanks Jacqui! In the past couple of weeks, since Anne Wayman featured me as a guest poster on her site, I have received dozens of emails from people who would like to start out in medical writing but didn’t know how to go about making the first move. I’ve replied to them all individually, but thought that it might be useful to make a series of posts to literally just help get people “out there” if they are starting from scratch and just feel a bit overwhelmed. Hopefully it’ll be helpful for some other people who arrive here too.

      I agree too on the social networking point that you made – especially on the Twitter front for me. Funny too, because I was so hesitant about twitter to start with – didn’t really “get it”. But it’s a wonderful resource of soundbites!

  2. good overview… the step-by-step approach makes social media less overwhelming, although it still drives me nuts, and now we’ve got google+