If you’re a busy professional who loves finding new recipes that are not only tasty and relatively simple, but also offer even a vaguely healthy, nutritious twist, you might enjoy these taste buds!



The fall is my favorite season, and I’m a devoted lover of all things pumpkin (especially my pumpkin spice latte!), so that’s the running theme of these recipes. Hope you all like pumpkin!

Here are this week’s three tried & tested options:


Pumpkin Bread With Almonds

Pumpkin & Ricotta-Stuffed Shells

Pumpkin Snickerdoodles



  1. Years ago, I used to get quite creative for Thanksgiving dinners. I remember making pumpkin soup in a hollowed-out pumpkin. It was about showing the children a world of creative cooking. Now, my husband does all the cooking. All I do is write about it.

    Lovely enticing recipes, as usual!

  2. Wow, I love that idea of the carved out pumpkin bowl! Very creative, indeed! But even more creative is having a husband to cook 🙂