If you’re a busy professional who loves finding new recipes that are not only tasty and relatively simple, but also offer even a vaguely healthy, nutritious twist, you might enjoy these taste buds.



And yes, you guessed right – more pumpkins, folks! And I dare you to resist those Halloween Pumpkin Mini Cheesecakes – not so healthy, but it’s only Halloween once a year!


Pumpkin & Potato Breakfast Hash

Pumpkin Goulash

Halloween Pumpkin Mini Cheesecakes



  1. All three of those sound good. Pumpkins in hash–that’s a new one. How many have you tried?

  2. Oh–you’re caught in that unseasonable snow? We’re in the 70’s out here, though the day’s starting in the 50’s. I know–we Californian’s are wooses!

  3. Come visit. You’ll see how nutty people get in even a drizzle.

    • Hehe! I remember trying to get out of Monterey airport the year before last. There had been some heavy rains that morning, and they’d canceled all the flights! I had to take a shuttle bus to San Francisco! Somehow my plane managed to land in Boston in the snow.